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  • Charlie
    My son, the Marine. 21 years old, serving in Afghanistan, and a devoted daddy to his little girl. I am proud to be his mother.
  • Katherine (Grace)
    A lovely seventeen year old young woman. Devoted to her Faith and her family. I would be lost without her, as would her siblings. She is exploring the world of music and theater as she begins to look at life outside our little world.
  • Timothy (Big B)
    Fifteen years old and growing into a young man. He towers over every one but Charlie now. He is our chicken farmer, but he is still happiest with a book or a controller in his hand. He is stepping up to be the "man of the family" when Dad is at work.
  • Regina (Belle)
    A sweet, warm, and gentle thirteen year old, bursting with poetry and artistic talent. No longer a little girl, but a charming and gentle young woman. Her little brothers look to her for a kind word and soothing hug when they are hurt or upset.
  • Elizabeth (Cinderella)
    Eleven years old, and still loves math and books. She is blossoming into a young lady who loves her younger siblings and assuming her place as one of the leaders of the family.
  • Clare (Little Red)
    Nine already, and not a dull moment yet. She's grown into a "big kid" and I am so thrilled to watch her mature into a helpful, gentle leader of the little ones. With a contagious laugh and an eye for adventure, she fills our days with joy!
  • Teresa(Sweet Em)
    This 6 year old girl is one of a kind! She is a great big sister, and never runs out of steam. This is definitely one who needs to be kept busy to keep her out of trouble!
  • Augustine(George)
    They just don't get any cuter than this blond-haired, blue-eyed, little five year old boy! He is growing so fast, but still melts my heart when I look at him.
  • Thomas
    Born January 20, 2011. He is a tubby little red-head who is always on the move, humming a tune, and so much fun! Without doubt, the cutest two year old on the planet!
  • Aurelia
    Sweet baby girl, born December 13, 2012. Perfect from the start and an unbelievable gift. Just when we thought life couldn't get any better!
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April 05, 2016


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