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July 16, 2007



LOL you are not alone so don't feel bad. With rare exception, every mother I know of more than 2 says the same thing. Take heart! We bought a digital camera the christmas before the last baby was born. We love it! I don't think a day goes by without a picture taken. Unfortuantely it still costs a small fortune to develop them and we keep forgeting to order print photos - so there isn't a single printed picture of our darling baby girl in existance. I'm so shamed, but then we get knee deep in laundry and I forget again! :(

Jenn Miller

Looking forward to your entries! Welcome to the blogging world!


I love it! I love the title and I love what this says, "Capturing the moments of this precious life." It's perfect!!!


I can't wait to "come along and celebrate life" with you and your family.

Elizabeth Foss

I'm looking so forward to reading your remembrances! Welcome to the blogosphere!

Jennifer in TX

I could have written your post on why you are blogging! I feel exactly the same way--I love my blog because it helps me to journal about the everyday beauty of my life with my family. Welcome to blogging. Prayers for you and your wee one, too!

Our Magnum Opus

Oh Molly, welcome to the blog world. I'm delighted that you are blogging!

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